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Characteristics of Renaissance Poetry?

Thank author of this post/commenti have to write a poem similar to the renaissance styles, and im pretty lost. if you could help explain the things that go into a poem from that time, thank you in advance.
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Hi there!

I am into making my own poem regarding love and I ma really not that familiar with Reconnaissance style. Well, I have made one very drastic poem and it is really hard for me to construct correct and appropriate words and phrases for that. I'm sorry if I couldn't help you.. But is it help, thanks a lot.

Thank you so much and have a great day to all of you guys!

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I am also inspired to make my own poems. It is just a great achievement if you make a good one and make it published. William Shakespeare is one of the big inspirations for Renaissance poetry. His work was everlasting and it makes people moved by his words and language.

For more Renaissance poets and their work, you may check this link. Good luck and may you make up a great poem.

Hi there!

Its nice to know that there are a lot of people that really love to make creations from the Renaissance period. I personally love that idea, I always been attentive in our history especially when we go on a topic about this era. I really hope you can make a good poem from that.

Thanks you so much to all of you guys and have a great day to all!

Making poems is my hobby specially when I am upset. It drives me crazy to get my pen and my notebook to make poems. Talking about the renaissance poetry, well I really love it. Actually I am a fan of those poetry writers of Renaissance. The history itself is very inspiring and the literary works are simply amazing.
One of the characteristics of renaissance poetry, not related to rhyme and meter, which I am not so familiar with off hand, is the themes that they were writing on. There was a return to the classical myths and love stories of the ancient ages, a return to Plato and Socrates as well, so try throwing some of reference to the Homerian legends and some of Ovid as well.
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    Poems 'Characteristics of Renaissance Poetry?'
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