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YouTube: Marathi Balgeet - Nacha Re Mora - Kids - Animation Poem

Thank author of this post/commentWatch Beautiful Animated Marathi Balgeet - Nacha Re Mora - Kids.Song for Kids containing the most peppy and wonderful songs like 'Maamachya Gawala', 'Kokilechya' etc. Click to watch more songs & stories for Childrens.
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I also love to make poems of my own most especially when I am inspired to make one. Many of us make poems and convert them into a song. Well that makes me more inspired to make my own composition.

I like the video shared though the language isn't quite understandable. Generally, it is very entertaining most especially for kids who would love to see such adventure on the TV screen.

It is such a good video. I am also into writing good poems. I got inspiration from what I see and what I read. I think all of us have the talent. We just have to dig dip into ourselves and find out what we can do. I think making poems and doing animation together is something really interesting. Anyway, thanks for sharing in here and have a great day to all.
Hi there!

I think that this video is a really good post. I really appreciate this. I have two kids and they are so fond of reading and watching interesting stories. I would to share this with them. I hope that you keep on posting some nice videos like this. I am very sure that they are going to enjoy it.

Thanks you so much to all of you guys and have a great day to all!

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Philippe Castro

I also love writing poems especially when I am in the mood to make one. I love to make poems because reading them inspires me a lot. Since I was young, I used to write poems or other reading materials during my free time. I already even have a book of poems of my own that I started writing back in high school.

I hope that I can share it with you guys and hopefully could inspire you.

Hi there!

I really love poems. They are really that good that I sometimes dream to become one of the greatest poet of all time. I wonder how they enhances their skills on that field. Do they attend practices of activities?? I really love to know more about this craft and how I can engage my self to this stuff.

Thanks you so much to all of you guys and have a great day to all!

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Philippe Castro

I really love to make poems. Since then, I always write poems during my free time because it really inspires me a lot. The video is very inspiring for me. I admire how talented and gifted the mind of the one who did the animated poem.

Seeing the video makes me want to do my own composition. Actually I already have a book of poems that I have started writing back in high school.

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