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Yahoo! Answers: Story ideas short story?

Thank author of this post/commentI need a short original story idea beginning with the phrase 'i couldn't get there and I had no way of explaining why' thanks ;)
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Well here is a suggestion...

I couldn't get there and I had no way of explaining why. I kept on running, shouting, waving my hand just for the person on the other end of the street to notice me. She was a woman, a beautiful woman to be specific. I don't know why I am waving my hand for her to notice, and why I am doing so. all i know is I found myself calling and running towards her but I can't. The pedestrian light finally signaled stopped and she walked towards my direction. Out of nowhere a taxi is speeding its way towards here and before it hit her, I suddenly woke up.

How is that for an opening for your story?

Nice try Charles! But I would just like to suggest to Picariello that he needs to come up with his short story on his own. This way, he will be able to know and understand what he is doing and along the way, he will learn a lot of things as well. I do hope that you make a great story. And of course, you can do it! Good luck!
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How about this one?

I couldn't get there and I had no way of explaining why I am stuck in such a boring life. My parents are divorced and I stay with my mom. I don't see my dad often. I don't have any siblings. I don't have a lot of friends just like any other kids. I feel so alone and no one to talk to and I just can't figure out my existence in this world that is full of hardships and challenges. What should I do?

Well, sure we can lecture this person all we want about how he or she should come up with an idea all his own, but I doubt it'll work. Maybe he's got a good reason for asking. Anyways, here's my idea.

A short story about a guy who's got an irrational fear of walking on grass. The girl of his dreams is standing on the other side of the lawn. he's been trying to ask her out for a while, and now she's finally giving in and beckoning him over, but he's stuck.

That is so cute and a little out of sorts Mel. Fear of grass, well I did not know that there was this kind of before. But anyway, I think that your plot seemed to be quite unique. I am sure that lots of teens would find that plot of a story cute and interesting.

There are indeed lots of good ideas shared in here. Let us just see what Picariello would like to consider.

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    Short Stories 'Yahoo! Answers: Story ideas short story?'
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